Bknott x Kudoz – GNETIK Pt. 2 @lifeofbknott @realkudoz

“Gnetik Pt. 2” by Bknott and Kudoz is bouncy, fast-paced rap with a surprisingly chilled vibe. The beat on here does a great job of fusing classic approaches with a more modern technique and composition. It pays homage to classic New York hip-hop acts like Wu Tang Clan and Mobb Deep through its crispy keys-oriented sampling. Under that, the composition and broader vibe could be described as trap. The janky hi-hats, rumbling 808s and minimalist melancholy sensibility align this with the uber-popular Florida sound. In terms of vocals, these guys are bridging the two worlds as well. There’s a speed and technicality that defines the delivery on here which is clearly reminiscent of the duo’s old school heritage, but the healthy use of ad-libs and monotone, laid-back flow give these guys a foot in the new school as well.

Bknott and Kudoz come to together like magic for “Gnetik Pt.2” Their chemistry is immaculate as they compliment each others style to perfection with their slick flows that drip nothing but sauce and their hard punchlines that eliminate the stigma you can’t be lyrical on a trap beat.

Bknott and Kudoz “Gnetik Pt. 2” deliver a stellar performance as the two come together just as well as any other legendary duo before them to give you hip hop greatness. Bknott and Kudoz give you everything you could ask for from an emcee and more as they display excellent work on the mic over this hard production they stand out on.

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