Gutta Mayne uses hard work to pull out of hard life,
inspires others with music to do the same

EL PASO, TX – No matter where you come from and no matter how hard life is, you can still do something good with your life.

That’s the message that Texas-based rapper Gutta Mayne wants to bring through his music. His new EP “Hustle For Glory” explores that idea and features two new singles that are starting to gain the young artist some major attention.

The first single, “Boss,” tells that tale of how he grew up and the many ways he found himself in trouble related to gang violence and drugs. It’s a song that he said talks about the power people think they have when they’ve been convinced that they’re the toughest around, and how that makes them do crazy things that they’ll regret later.

The second single is a song called “World Star,” and is wrapped around the idea of a person who knocks someone out with one hit. It’s a common term for people who knock others out easily, which is what he aspires for with his music.

“My life has been about fighting a lot,” he said. “I’ve been in too many fights, and this is kind of a song about that. But it’s more about me saying that I know I can knock people out easily with my music. I know I’ve created good songs and I know my sound is unique. It definitely falls into the gangsta rap category, but I’m gonna be different because I’m Hispanic and I don’t try to act like I’m not. I also don’t sound like anyone else out there.”

Gutta Mayne said he first got started with music when he was only 12. He had a friend who became as close as a brother, and that friend’s older brother wrote and produced songs. At one point he had created a beat that he suggested Gutta Mayne take a stab at writing some bars for. So Gutta Mayne went home and wrote some lyrics, and when he came back and laid them down on the recording it came out better than any of them would have expected.

“Everybody who heard it loved it, and I started getting some attention,” he said. “It got stuck to it. It’s always been pretty easy for me to write, and I’ve just gotten better over the years. I’ve definitely become more lyrical, which is unusual for someone who grew up in the hood and the projects and living in trailers in areas around gangsters and all this crazy stuff. My name represents that life and the places I’ve come from, but I want to give out a message of saying that no matter where you come from and no matter how hard life is, you can still do something good out of it. That’s what I want to do. If I can accomplish it, I know I wouldn’t be the first one to be an example of that but I’d like to be another good example of that. I’m just trying to make something negative into something positive.”

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