De-Va’Je – In The Mirror

De-Va’Je showcases incredible R&B vocals against hip-hop fusion,
becoming one of America’s hottest young musicians

AIKEN, SC – De-Va’Je’s girlfriend always knew her man was hot. Add to that the fact that he could sing and rap and his falsetto notes that would make women melt, and she felt like she’d hit the jackpot. So whenever the two of them would go out on the town, she walked with pride as other women would swoon whenever they saw him. One time in particular they were walking through a mall in their hometown of Aiken, South Carolina, and she noticed some girls trying to freshen themselves up in the mirror – fixing their hair and makeup – before coming over to talk to him. She knew what they were up to, and she wanted to give her man a heads up.

“She pointed them out to me and said, ‘You got them girls in the mirror,’” De-Va’Je said. “I knew almost immediately that was going to be the hook to one of my songs. It was perfect. I put the song together in 2014 and it’s been one of the hottest songs I’ve ever done. It has more than 1 million plays on Soundcloud and more than 50,000 views on YouTube. It’s a hot track.”

The 25-year-old hip-hop and R&B artist from South Carolina has been making music for the better part of a decade, and said he hopes to continue to ride the success of “In The Mirror” as he also releases more music to the world. Ultimately his goal is to book a national tour or have venues or concert halls seek him out for shows throughout 2019. That would be the culmination of his 10-year journey from the first moments he realized he could sing at age 16.

“I did a song with my cousin – who is now deceased – when I was 16,” De-Va’Je said. “We put it on the Internet and I got a lot of recognition with that. Because of that one song I was able to do shows and host parties and get paid to host parties all throughout high school. I’ve been going every since – I never stopped. Making music is fun to me. It relieves stress and it comes naturally to me to write songs and make beats. I make music at least weekly – sometimes three or four songs a week. I have to … it’s what I was born to do.”

Today De-Va’Je not only releases singles regularly, but he also hosts his own podcast on iHeart Radio, and is active on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers. He collaborates with other artists, as well, including two features on a new album from female artist Shanese. The album is called “Wildfire,” and De-Va’Je is featured on the singles “Little Secret” and “Stamina.” He released and published the album under his music label De-Va’Je/Devaje Mathis Entertainment Group.

His success of noteworthy, but he knows there’s a whole other level of popularity that he can attain with his music. His next big push is to become so well-known nationally that he can sustain a multi-city tour in 2019.

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