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Korean-American rapper Nyukyung creates music for all emotions

TACOMA, WA – James Pak has always been a big dream chaser. The Korean-American from Tacoma, Washington, has chased those dreams in a variety of ways over the years – from academics to athletics and now with music. As he nears the end of his collegiate career – where he has played football at Simon Frasier University the entire time – he is ready to shift his focus full-time to the one true passion that has filled his life from day one: music.

Adopting the stage name Nyukyung (pronounced No-gyung) – which is the Korean name given to him by his mother to remind him of his heritage – he is set to release a number of new tracks over the next few months. And through all of his new music he said fans can expect to hear about the struggles he faced growing up and vivid details about his current journey.

“I grew up being an Asian-American, and where I was from it wasn’t very common for someone like me to rap or play football,” Nyukyung said. “I never paid the haters much mind, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve felt more and more like I should embrace my culture and break through any racial boundaries. So that’s what I’m doing, and along the way I’m talking about my path as a young visionary and the steps I am taking to get to the next level”

Nyukyung said he’s real big on making music that hits the emotions and connects at a heart level with people. Toward that end he wants to “Keep it real,” while also having songs that pop and are catchy. He said he promises to always bring a sound that is crisp and features high-quality content.

“I want you to feel something when you listen to my music,” he said. “I have songs for every emotion. No matter what it is, you’ll be able to confidently listen to my music and know it’s going to be high quality and completely honest. I want you as the listener to be a part of my journey as I find myself and develop as an artist”.

Nyukyung said he’s using the same drive that earned him a free college education through a full-ride football scholarship to change the music industry with his unique sound. He proved the world wrong when they said he’d never play college football and now he’s ready to prove the world wrong again when they say he’ll never become a major artist in this oversaturated industry.

He has a new album that he released earlier this year called “Resume,” which features his variety of sounds and styles in a way that blends well together. He is currently preparing for the release of his new single “Real One” which will be released on all streaming platforms December 22 nd along with a music video. According to Nyukyung the song has a “real west coast vibe” and believes that people will have a lot of fun listening to it.

In only a short period of time, Nyukyung has been getting some major attention from radio stations and DJs in the Northwest. He credits DJ SupaSam from Kube 93 out of Seattle for serving as a mentor and helping propel him to the next level. Some other notable accomplishments that Nyukyung has achieved throughout his career include gaining the approval and support of major producers such as Chase “Cha Cha” Malone from AOMG records and The Legion who has worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and J. Cole. Nyukyung has also worked with top Grammy nominated engineers such as Beau Vallis and most recently was given the opportunity to work on beats produced by Cozmo, Wiz Khalifa’s personal producer.

Nyukyung is currently sponsored by The Kings of Hustle which is an up and coming clothing brand located in Canada created by two CFL twin brothers Jordan and Justin Herdman. In addition to this, Nyukyung has been contacted by several big-name YouTube channels such as Nick Wright Bodybuilding in hopes of using his music on their platforms to help promote their brands.

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“Real One” Music Video

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