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Hard-hitting new project from Young Shlumped
is perfect vibe for Summer 2019

MIAMI, FL – Yoisel E. Cintra, better known by his stage name Young Shlumped, is a highly talented rapper out of Miami, Florida whose music is beginning to find a global audience. His new EP, “Mr. Shlumped,” is the type of party vibe that anyone can get turned up to, and it’s the perfect project for good summer vibes.

Equal parts chill vibes and aggressive beats, Young Shlumped’s new EP is catchy in the best of ways. From the first song, “Who” – which has a bouncy rhythm and a rapid fire lyrical delivery – to the last song, “NNG” (No New Game)” – with its hard-spitting freestyle, the entire project is laced with energy.

“It builds and builds from the first song to the last,” Young Shlumped said. “Once you get to the last two songs, it kind of catches you off guard and it introduces you to a whole new part of Shlumped.. It’s lyrical shit they won’t expect. I know I’ll catch a lot of people’s attention with this project.”

One of the standout singles from the EP is a track called “Who” which was released July 22nd and has already gotten a lot of plays on streaming platforms and is fast becoming one of the hottest club tracks in Florida. It features a catchy vibe with a hook that gets stuck in the listener’s head, and is one of the best songs to demonstrate Young Shlumped’s rapid fire flow paired with a rhythm that will have people bouncing.

“You can’t compare me to anyone,” Young Shlumped said. “You can’t figure it out, you just know it’s dope. My style and the way I adlib is like nothing else out there. And through all my music, I represent a brand, lifestyle known as “LOB” Loyalty Over Blood. Blood may make you related but loyalty makes you family. There’s a whole other bond that comes with loyalty that sets you apart from anyone else. I seek out other artists who have raw talent and are willing to go get it and be loyal to us. Speak on it, live on it and you will achieve on it.”

Young Shlumped said he’s sure “Mr. Shlumped” will join his other successful singles such as “Like A Lake,” “Dead Inside” and his first Mixtape “The Chronicles of Shlumped”. This will continue to propel him into a more nationwide spotlight. He also promises to continue to work hard to make his name known and make an impact on the world through his music.

“Mr. Shlumped” is slated to release across all streaming platforms on July 6.

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