Announcing the Launch of LOTTI Creatives

So as I evolve and tap into my other passions, I’ve realized that not only have I outgrown JUST doing SheBloggin, but I have other purposes to fulfill, which would be helping people. While I am continuing the growth of the site, I have launched my new creative brand, Lotti Creatives. Lotti (Learning Our Talents Through Inspiration) is simply a brand created to assist others in pursuing their creativity. We have developed several programs, including one that will soon launch, PRFlip, a program designed to teach artists and businesses how to do public relations services for themselves, instead of dealing with the frustration of spending your hard earned money on people you’re not sure you can trust. Besides programs like the one mentioned, we will also be coordinating several events, contests, community activities, and more. As far as services offered, we still do offer SOME PR and digital marketing services, but we focus more on campaign development & assistance, and consulting. In addition, next month we will be launching the official LOTTI merchandise, and Lotti, Inc., the non-profit division that will focus on community service and the empowerment of our youth. Stay tuned!! For more information, you can contact us at Be on the lookout for more announcements, but in the meantime, INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED! Follow us on IG and Twitter – @lotticreatives

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  1. […] I just recently announced the launch of my new creative brand, Lotti Creatives, and today we are ready to announce one of our newly developed programs. PRFlip is a program […]

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