New Music: Talika – The Beautiful Deception | @talika_phxaz

The Album ‘The Beautiful Deception’ got its name because of multiple reasons. Growing up Talika had bad speech problems & was in speech therapy in all my 6 years of Elementary School. Growing up with a Heavy Metal Background, most of his life he listened to all different kinds of genre Metal and he loves 90’s Hip Hop as well. 
That’s what his older sisters mostly listened to… But, his pops introduced me to Ice Cube, Public Enemy, And of course N.W.A.
Most people look at Talika and wouldn’t even think he can Rap, make beats, And even produce. music, most people look at him and only see what they see on the outside. But his insides have been fucked up… and the way he lets them out is by Rap music. Most of his beats he make are a twist of Heavy drums, Heavy 808’s, And fast hard hitting switch ups with a melodic Twist that will have you sing along, to every song. 
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