Video: King Kurt & Galactik – Lighters Up

As a follow up to their single “Lighters Up,” the first track release featured on their forthcoming album release Elements of Flow due for release in January of 2020, hip-hop artist King Kurt and MC Galactik Vibes have released a music video counterpart. The high energy “Lighters Up” was co-produced by Tosh, a young up and coming producer based in Nevada City, CA. Intertwining elements of reggae and dub with a laid back lyrical flow, spacey ambient effects, and future-funk, the track features a verse of King Kurt’s bars that consciously starts with the letter “S.” Lyrics such as “Supreme Skill Seems Surreal on Such a Super Serenade, Suitable for Swimming through Syllables So I Saturate myself in Symphonies” showcase his poetic wordplay prowess. “Lighters Up” is a testament to King Kurt and Galactik Vibe’s affinity for cannabis and the Northern California lifestyle. Featuring cannabis laden iconography and breathtakingly beautiful landscape cinematography, the video pays homage to the duo’s passion for all things green. Shot in Northern California, the music video features footage of the Sacramento River, prize strains of cannabis such as Gorilla Glue, and a close up of a Ganesh statue, symbolic of abundance. Featuring cameos of some of their collaborators such as Connected, the video was directed by Northern California based filmmaker Jae Synth of Photosynthesis who has produced more than 400 videos for artists such as Snoop Dogg.

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