February 20, 2024


Camden, New Jersey artist ABKTRAUMA releases his new street single, “Trap Coat”. Have you ever wondered what the street life was really about? If you answered yes, then “Trap Coat” is just for you. 

Led by a eerie piano that’s backed by a thumping bass, The self-produced, trap melody is guaranteed to be an instant fan favorite as it has enough bounce to make car clubs jealous; and ABKTRAUMA rides the beat perfectly singing: “I won’t front my whole team gets busy /Chopper make you spin til you get dizzy / Call Staxx yea he’ll hit you with the glizzy / Leave you leaning til you fall like you’re tipsy.” Trap Coat is sure to dominate any party setting while having fans from all walks of life singing along with the song at the same time. Trap Coat is definitely an all-around impressive display of trap music, as ABKTRAUMA – who’s known for his soulful voice and catchy lyrics, shows why he’s been labeled as a new artist to look out for in 2020. Take a listen below. 

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