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Island vibes fuse with multiple genres for new artist Tyrel Ross

NEW YORK, NY – If you’re in the mood to have a good time, Tyrel Ross is the perfect musician to set the mood. Hailing from New York, this young artist brings his Island vibes gleaned from a childhood in Trinidad and Tobago and pairs them with a modern sound that fuses multiple genres in a way that can only be described as fun and original. 

To put it simply, Tyrel Ross’ style is refreshing and new. It has a unique vibe that cannot be denied. It’s a sound that makes listeners stomp their feet and the energy that he brings matches his natural joy of life – giving the world a soundtrack for happiness, joy and fun.

“Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms through everyday life and situations and emotions,” Tyrel said. “More than anything, I like to write about love and fun times and partying because I want to create music that helps other people have fun times.”

Tyrel began his entertainment career at the age of 13. Always a lover of music, he joined his high school music band which is where he got his first taste for performing live on stage. He’s been drawn to that world ever since and he’s worked hard at perfecting his craft and developing his own unique style ever since. In 2018, he recorded his first single “Love Your Waist” which was written and produced by Kernall Roberts and released on Milli Entertainment label out of Trinidad and Tobago. The single put him on the map as many fans around the world heard his sound and compared him in some ways to John Legend, though with hints of Ed Sheeran, Kes Dieffenthaller and even Chronixx. 

More than anything, Tyrel Ross brings an energy to his music and to the stage that is undeniable. He’s become known for his engaging stage presence and he leaves no stones unturned when he holds a microphone in his hand. He is a true crowd-pleaser. 

In 2019, Tyrel released a song called “Finally” in collaboration with Jamaican reggae star Glen Washington. The love song has been a hit with female audiences worldwide and has helped propel his career even further. Most recently, he released the single “Holiday,” which is the epitome of his infectious energy and upbeat vibes. Conceptualized by Junior Mills and written by Jenna Nation, the song was produced by Dan Borgers and was again released by Milli Entertainment. 

Tyrel and his team have recently completed two soon-to-be-released pop hits that he said are sure to be fan favorites. He co-wrote one of the songs and is optimistic about his musical future as he connects with more and more fans worldwide. 

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