Ashthon Ahmiir’ – How I Feel

Former American Idol finalist drops new single ‘How I Feel’

ATLANTA, GA – Fans of American Idol will likely remember the diva Ashthon Jones from Season 10. Her poise and professionalism had the judges raving which advanced her to the final rounds before she was knocked out in 13th place. Since then, Ashthon has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry – from writing music for television and film, to voicing characters on the Adult Swim cable network. She has also adopted the name Ashthon Ahmirr, utilizing the middle name that was given to her by her late mother. She’s seen strong success over the past decade and recently, she’s put together a handful of singles that she’s now ready to share with the world.

The first is a song called “How I Feel” which she released on Feb. 27, her birthday. It’s a song that fans of the 90s music will love as it embraces sound and vibes from that time period and fuses them with Ashthon’s unique sound and style. She calls it an homage to 90s legend Al B. Sure, specifically his hit R&B single “Nite and Day.” 

“When I got this track from my producer, it immediately made me think of Al B Sure’s song. I fell in love with it. It doesn’t have the same music and beat pattern as Al B Sure’s  song but it definitely reminded me of that. A lot of people out there today who are singers are dabbling with rap and vice versa, and I thought with this song, I’m just gonna have fun with it and do what I want – so I sang and I rapped. It’s very colorful and I think it brings you back to the day when you were hanging outside with the girls and you have candy all over the place and you’re just dancing and having fun.”

Ashthon said she’s planning on following up that single with another called “La-La” sometime in the next couple of months. Like all of her music, Ashthon writes, records and produces everything from her own studio. She said she’s constantly writing and is excited to take this opportunity to release a lot of the music she’s been working so hard on for the past couple of years. 

Over the last few years, Ashthon has achieved many accolades. From the Idol World Tour and a myriad of interviews from “Live with Regis & Kelly” to “Entertainment Tonight” and “MTV News,” Ashthon has experienced what others only dream of. But she’s not settling for what has already come. With her eye on the prize, she is already giving back early in her career by recording a song on First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Song for a Healthier America” Hip Hop album which has been featured on’s “Exclusive First Listen.” Her performance at the album release at Symphony Space in New York City led to an opportunity to tour with Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign. She has also been featured in other well-recognized projects, such as Lacrae’s Grammy-winning album with Big KRIT on the single “Mayday,” as well as Big KRIT’s new single “Good 2Gether.” 

“More than anything, I want to be known for my diversity,” Ashthon said. “I want people to be surprised when they hear different songs from me. I want them to hear one of my songs and say, ‘Man! I didn’t know that was her!’ I don’t want to sound the same on every record which is why I have such a wide range when it comes to the genres I use. I can write Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country … anything. I’m a multi-talented entertainer and I want to make sure I’m making music that is mainstream but is also award-winning in quality. I try to write ‘big.’”

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