New Music: Benji Reckless – Reckmore

Reckmore is the debut EP from artist and battle rapper Benji Reckless. This artist is a common name in the battle rap world. With a quick search you can see that he has performed in a variety of cities. He has been on multiple battle rap leagues and is very active on social media. A few of the leagues he has been on are Ibattleww, UBR waffles, KOTD, and DFWBL. This amount of activity shows that he is primed for success.
You can catch him in the battle rap tour circuit and view a video of his on youtube. If you are into his music or his battles he is an easy artist/battler to find. It is recommended that you check out his debut EP and see for yourself why Reckmore is an attractive find for music and battle rap fans.

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