Phyzikal Da King – 44 Shoot @PhyzikalDaKing

Fort Wayne, Indiana lyricist Phyzikal Da King is an artist of the people. His brand of rap balances the gritty realities of street life, from which he came, with a conscious narrative that highlights the ugly realities of systemic oppression in urban America. While the midwestern MC is definitively in a lane all his own, and you can hear it on this new record “44 Shoot.”

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2 Thoughts to “Phyzikal Da King – 44 Shoot @PhyzikalDaKing”


    Phyzikal daKing doesn’t take care of his kids. He only have select one he reach out to. Ask him last time he did anything for them.

    1. By take care, do you mean provide financial support? Would you agree that his earnings are somewhat dependent on his reputation? Do you feel like google searching for blogs that post his music so you can leave comments on them that tarnish his reputation is the best way to compel this man to send money? Did you allow this man to father multiple children with you? You didn’t know the strength of his character after the birth of the first one? Have you tried contacting this man and having an adult conversation about your needs or desires without being petty or hostile? Is there a court order for support?

      Happiness is a choice. No “thing” can make you happy. No person will make you happy. Your happiness will not come TO you. It can only come FROM you. Please contact this man and work this shit out. If the two of you can’t do that, then get the court order.

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