Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2020 – Joka Beezy x T Scrill @JokerBeezy @tse4life

Arkansas natives Joka Beezy and T Scrill are frequent collaborators under the same Tho’d Studio Empire imprint. Both rappers have a unique niche for making catchy, radio-potential hit records. The two first caught my attention on T Scrill’s “When I Wanna” single, which features Joka Beezy and fellow Arkansas rapper King Dolla. The hook alone is catchy as hell, but the hard-hitting beat sets the song off the right way. Then all three rappers deliver the perfect individual sounds to make it a certified hit. This song should be much bigger than it is.

Joka also caught my attention as a solo artist, once he released the video for his single, “Highly Doubt” featuring T Scrill. His sound, along with the natural ability to work a record the right way should solidify his “next up” spot. Plus he’s already collaborated with heavy hitters, such as Sauce Walka, so he’s got a foot in the game. He’s ready, and with a gang full of talent, that’s a big added bonus.

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