Feature: Paying For a Blog Post vs Paying for PR

Paying For Blog Posts vs Paying a PR Rep

There’s been a debate about whether it’s OK for blogs to charge for posts for years now. Around 2015, a new wave of bloggers came into the game, and decided to make a hustle out of their blog.  Before them, the blogs that were already established were doing no such thing. When we started this thing, it was more about contributing to the culture. Now these new bloggers just want to contribute to their own wallets, using hip hop for their own good. There’s some good ones left, but we are a minority. There’s also a big difference between paying for a blog post, and paying a professional to get you coverage. 

So I’m not going to beat around the bush, if a blog is charging you to be featured on their site, it’s wrong…in most cases. The problem is most of these blogs charging for a post don’t even get 100 views a day. Some others, like HipHopSince1987, charge for a post, but are more notable. Does this make it ok? Maybe, depends on how valuable you think the site is. Obviously, those sites think they’re worth it, but when it all comes down to it, it just isn’t. There are hundreds of other sites that will post your music for free, simply because they want to support. That seems normal, right? Yeah well, it is. That was what the blog culture was founded on. Our jobs are to spread the word and expand our culture, not take money from artists that are trying to make their dreams come true. They don’t charge mainstream artists for a post, so why should they charge you? The nerve of them to devalue your artistry. 

Now, it’s understandable that you want to be featured on blogs and websites to spread awareness of your artistry. Obviously, that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you need blog coverage but don’t want to, and shouldn’t pay, find a PR, digital marketing rep, or manager that can get that done for you. Majority of the keys to success in this industry is who you know. Find someone to work with that has a proven track record to help you get to the next level. Now, there’s of course a bunch of know-it-all’s that will tell you not to pay for blog posts or even a professional to get it done for you. Do not listen to them, because most of the time they are website owners with hip hop content that think they’re too good to be called a “blog”. Lol yeah, y’all know who they are. They push a narrative that blogs are ineffective, which is incredibly false. Don’t ever forget, we’re the ones providing those Google search results you need to become relevant. 

So should you pay for a blog post? No, it’s jokey AF. Should you pay a professional to help you get blog coverage? Absolutely, if it’s included in your campaign. What’s most important to know though, is there’s many more elements needed to kick off a successful campaign, or to get the exposure you need. But despite what the aging wannabe industry folk say, blogs are still very much relevant. 

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