Mixtape: SCVTTERBRVIN – Grand Theft Audio Volume 4

San Diego’s SCVTTERBRVIN is one of a kind in hip-hop and his resume speaks for itself. The Mexican/Filipino artist does it all, he can provide an incredible variety of soundscapes as testament to his grind and hard-working nature. Further he can drop a verse on that same track with seamless delivery and execution. A household name with a number of collaborations under his belt, alongside being the owner of the Red Lotus Klan, SCVTTERBRVIN is set up to dominate the summer as he’s getting set to release “Grand Theft Audio Volume 4”, his third release of the year and 13th project overall.

SCVTTERBRVIN brings a myriad of styles to the table on “Grand Theft Audio 4” this comes not only in the form of his lyrics but the production used as well. “Grand Theft Audio Volume 4” showcases the relationships and building the San Diego artist has done over the course of the decade. With production by underground heavy hitters like ewonee, sadhugold and SCVTTERBRVIN himself, he’s able to fit with any sound and make it his own. All of this said, vocally SCVTTERBRVIN is the star of the show on “Grand Theft Audio Volume 4” with tracks like “Been There, Done That” “SD 2 QB” & “Unidentified Fly” featuring the only three guests in Tha God Fahim, Tragedy Khadafi and Estee Nack respectively.

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