4 Ways To Improve Yourself As A Hip Hop Artist

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The good thing about modern society is that there are more opportunities to make a name for yourself in the hip hop game. Think about all the breakout stars of the last few years – most of them rose to fame from viral videos. All it takes is one song to grab people’s attention, and you’ve suddenly got a Top 40 hit.

Naturally, this also means there’s more competition than ever before. So, how do you stand out and improve yourself as a hip hop artist? Here are a few points to think about:

Offer your music for free

Every aspiring hip hop artist should go through the struggle before reaping the rewards. In essence, you need to give things up for free before you start making money. Post your music on YouTube, Soundcloud, or any other platform where people can listen to it for free. Not only that but make it royalty-free music as well. This is crucial as it means other people can use your songs for free in videos, etc. A lot of artists are discovered because a popular YouTuber or streamer plays their song in a video. 

Stay active on socials

Having a strong marketing strategy is crucial if you want to make it. These days, it all revolves around social media. Focus on growing a following across your various social media platforms. This makes people aware of you and builds a solid base of loyal supporters. If you have 1,000 loyal fans, that’s 1,000 people who share your music and get it out there to all of their followers. Slowly but surely, you become a recognized name that record labels take notice of. 

Work on your image

Let’s be honest, sex appeal is a big thing in the hip hop/rap game. Think about legendary artists like 50 Cent and Drake – many people are fans of them because of how they look. The same can be said of female stars, particularly current ones like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. Sex sells, so focus on creating a sexy image that draws people to you. Hit the gym, smash those chest dumbbell workouts and ab curls to look good with your shirt off. It sounds like a sneaky tactic, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your music. However, you have to play the game if you want to make it. Cultivate an image that appeals to a wider audience, and you’ll soon grow an audience. 

Learn how to be diverse

I mentioned Drake earlier, and he’s a wonderful example of diversity in the hip hop genre. You can pick out five Drake songs and they would all sound entirely different. He has the ability to switch up flows and create diverse music. You don’t want to box yourself into one sub-category of hip hop as it limits your potential. Sure, you might appeal to a niche audience, but history suggests that longevity and success come with diversity. 

Hopefully, this has given some aspiring hip hop artists a thing or two to think about. The game has never been more competitive, but there have equally never been as many opportunities to get noticed. Follow this advice to stand out from the crowd and let your music do the talking.

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