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Jackpot Future Kiid says hello to the world of music with groovy new single ‘Used To’ 

MEMPHIS, TN – Jackpot Future Kiid is a fresh new wave of sound and style on the music scene whose unique blend of mellow piano chords and traditional 808s make for an intriguing new energy in the Hip Hop world. His new single “Used To” is a hello to the industry, of sorts, with relatable lyrics and a groove that people all over the world will soon be vibing to.  

The song starts with a mellow intro that features light piano chords, immediately creating a special mood. When the 808s drop in, that bouncy flow makes the listeners want to bop their heads, and by the time Jackpot comes in with his distorted vocals, the end result is a truly mesmerizing new single. With a wide vocal range that goes both high and low, Jackpot is able to provide a quirky and intriguing counterpoint of sound to the traditional Hip Hop Rap. It’s a song that takes you on a ride that you won’t want to get off – you’ll have to keep riding to the end.  

“Whenever I create a song, I make sure it’s something everyone can vibe to,” Jackpot said. “That’s no different with this one. The lyrics are basically me giving everyone a hello and telling my story of how my life has changed. A lot of people who get into this industry change over time, but I’m still who I used to be. The money didn’t change me and never will, even though people around me have changed because of that. I’m smart. I’m a hustler. I’m driven. And most of all, I’m an inspiring artist.” 

Though Jackpot has always been into music, it wasn’t until he did an EP with his stepbrother in his teenager years that he really caught the bug for writing and recording music. The EP was called “Split Personalities” and went on to have some modest success throughout his region. He said the experience helped to realize how important it was to stay true to his unique brand of music, and he’s been spending his time ever since perfecting his own unique sound and style.  

“I make what I like and people vibe with it,” he said. “I am a vibe. If somebody says ‘That’s a vibe,’ they’re talking about me. When you hear something, your ears know immediately if you like it or not. That’s how my sound is. I make music I love, but also sounds that I know people are listening to right now. There are Jazz inspirations and real subtle hints of Memphis, but even with that, I’m putting it my own way. I really just want people to know I’m serious about this passion. I’m trying to make something that’s everlasting and iconic. That’s the passion that drives me. I want to make iconic music.” 


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“Used To” 


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