September 30, 2022

Lifestyle: Why Workout Wear Matters

Image by Taylor Harding from Pixabay 

You’ve heard the phrase ‘all the gear and no idea,’ right? While too many people fall into this category when it comes to a number of things, many are put off by it when it comes to working out. Too many people worry that they will fail, so they don’t want to splash out on a load of gym clothes to only wear them for a few weeks of the year. Surely an old t-shirt and leggings will do the job? Especially if you’re going to get hot and sweaty anyway. You might think this is the sensible approach, but this is where you would be wrong. Have you heard of the saying ‘dress for success?’ Probably and you would apply this to your professional and dating life, but did you know that it also has a huge impact when it comes to playing sport or exercising? Essentially, the clothes you choose to wear can actually influence your performance in the gym or on the running track, and here’s how:

Nice Clothing Boosts Confidence

Just like you would buy a new outfit for a night, a wedding, or a job interview to make you feel good, which ultimately increases your confidence, then you can do the same for working out. Now there’s no need to buy a new outfit for every time you work out, or that will end up costing you a fortune, but treating yourself to a new pair of leggings from Curves N Combatboots can make you feel happy, and when you’re wearing them you’re actually more likely to push yourself more as you’ll be excited to wear them and in the right headspace to exercise and to achieve something. Just like any other job you need to do, if you have the right tools, then you’re going to do it better, and this is the same when it comes to working out.

You’ll Decrease Your Chance Of Injury.

Did you know that having inappropriate clothing when exercising can increase your risk of injury? Shirts with the wrong material can cause chaffing, and shoes that don’t fit properly cause blisters, cramps, and slipping that slows you down, and high-tops are required for the protection of weak ankles. You wouldn’t go on a building site without the correct attire; you wouldn’t even go to a golf course without the right clothes on, so treat going to the gym or even to the park to exercise the same. Dress the part, and you’ll not only look good, but you’ll be safer. 

The Right Clothing Can Improve Movement

A tight shirt can restrict your movement, so make sure your shorts don’t ride up or slip down when you are jumping and if you are wearing a cap – make sure it’s not too tight around your head but also ensure it won’t fall off or slip. 

Clothing Aids In Recovery

It’s not just the working out that matters but the recovery afterward and you can buy compression clothing which gives a massaging effect and stimulates blood flow through the muscles, which removes the lactic acid produced during exercise, and as a consequence, recovery is boosted, and muscles are less sore and stiff.

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