4LGang G5ive – Tighten Up Ft. Young Nudy

4LGang G5ive explores ‘Sometimez Krazy’ life on new mixtape 

ATLANTA, GA – Born and raised in Atlanta, Taurus Maddox – better known by his stage name 4LGang G5ive – is an artist who has always related to the streets. After serving six years in prison for mistakes he made as an adolescent, G5ive has poured himself into music. He has a star quality about him which fans all over the South are starting to notice with the release of his most recent mixtape “Sometimez Krazy.”  

Sharing his journey through music, G5ive offers 11 tracks on his new mixtape that explore the different experiences he’s had both before and after prison. Living each day in Atlanta brings its share of highs and lows, he said, and the music on his new project explores the “sometimes crazy” situations that arise throughout the course of his life. 

“I started making a lot of music when I was in jail,” he said. “I just grabbed a pen and a pad and started beating on the desk. When I got out, I hooked up with my brother and cousin who have always been rapping. I watched them pursue music and I realized that’s the way to get ahead. When nobody else thinks you’re gonna do anything, that’s a way to change that outlook.” 

The first single from the mixtape explores that idea in more depth. “Tighten Up” is a bouncy, fun song featuring Young Nudy that talks about living and running around in East Atlanta. Serving as a kind of warning to others who live a crazy lifestyle, the song encourages people to be self-disciplined in the midst of their good times. 

“Don’t be forgetting that the police will be watching,” G5ive said. “They on you. Also, you’ve got enemies out there. That’s what this song is about – how we’re living and having fun, but making sure we’re not having too much fun. We gotta tighten up.” 

Another single from the mixtape that’s been getting a lot of attention from fans is “No Lackin.” The upbeat vibe offers a sort of anthem to the world about always being safe and never being a victim of circumstance or of someone else’s desires. Like all the rest of his music, “No Lackin” feeds off G5ive’s natural energy.  

“I really want to be known for quality sound and music that people can relate to,” he said. “I want my music to be able to hit any type of mood. If you’re feeling good, I’ve got songs for that. If you’re mad, I’ve got songs for that. Any type of mood I have, that’s how I go in the booth. Every kind of energy you can think of, people can relate to and it’s good quality and something that will last and people can listen to forever. And at the end of the day, it’s just good music.” 

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