Lifestyle: Fashion Trends You Can Expect to See in 2021

If you are keen to look your absolute best at all times, then you’ll want to know what kinds of fashion trends you can expect to have to pay attention to in the near future. As it turns out, there are a lot of these which are worth knowing about, and the more attention you give it, the better. In 2021, many things are going to be different in the world compared to 2020, but something that you can be sure of is that many of the trends are going to be completely new too. Let’s take a look at some of the trends to look out for in particular.

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A Return To The 70s

Okay, so it might not be a complete turnaround back to the 70s, but there are nonetheless going to be a wide range of clothing options that do hark back to that time in the next year. In particular, you can expect to see plenty of those old earthy tones, burnt oranges and lots of corduroy too – not to mention some pointed collars and of course that old 70s classic, flares. Whether you want to go all out on this or you are just keen to take inspiration from one or two, you can be sure that it is going to be a look to love this coming year.

Backless Dress

As you can see from Vogue, one item that looks set to grace the catwalks again after a hiatus of a few years is the backless dress. There are so many kinds of backless dresses you might want to choose from, and no matter what you might go for you can be sure that you are going to feel great in one of these. What’s more, they are great for the sultry look as well as a social media trend to expect.

Stylish Masks

Given that the world is unlikely to completely recover in the new year, it is highly likely that masks are going to continue to be a central aspect of fashion in 2021 and perhaps even beyond. You might already have come across some amazing ways to turn your mask into something stylish, but if not then you are going to want to start thinking about that, as this is one fashion item you are going to consider essential in the year to come. With so many styles and ways to wear your mask, it’s definitely something you can get a little creative with.

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Faux Leather

In some respects, faux leather is always being worn by some, and it’s the kind of material that very rarely completely goes out of fashion. But if you want to make sure that you are keeping up with the trends in 2021, then you should bear in mind that you are likely to see a whole lot of faux leather before too long. In fact, it looks as though it’s about to become very big indeed, so make sure to prepare for it if you want to look the part.

Loose Trousers

We sort of covered this somewhat in the 70s section, but there are so many kinds of loose trousers to wear besides flares, and it really does look as though many of them are going to be made available much more in the new year. If you are a fan of this kind of relaxed wear, then it’s going to be a great year for you. There were a lot of loose and baggy trousers on runways earlier in 2020, so you can expect this to be a major player in the next few months at least.

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Illuminating Yellow

There are always going to be a range of colours that you can expect to be big news each season, and some that dominate most of the year for one reason or another. In that latter category for 2021, we have this kind of illuminating, very bright yellow, which might not sound all that pleasant but is nonetheless something that you can easily use for many outfits. If you go along with this particular colour choice, there is a very good chance that you are going to look the part in the new year.

Ankle Boots

When you can start shopping for shoes again in 2021, what are you going to look for specifically? There are probably many potential options that you are considering, but as ever there are going to be some specific options which are always worth looking into for each year, and one of the main ones are ankle boots. Given how well these work in cooler weather, you can expect ankle boots to be especially popular in the 20/21 winter and spring periods, as well as later on in the next winter and autumn period too, so they are worth considering.

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Whatever you might think of florals usually, you have to admit that they are a very useful pattern design, in that they are often easy to put with just about anything. One of the most popular likely new trends in 2021 is going to be centred around this floral theme, which you are bound to see on a range of dresses and blouses, as well as jackets and even blazers in some cases too. In any case, it’s definitely going to be one to look out for, and if you can fully get into the floral patterning you are likely going to look the part next year.


One of the keywords of fashion in the coming year is probably going to be ‘edgy’ – and nothing quite exemplifies this as well as the use of netting. Often seen as a risque alternative to a more traditional vest, netting can nonetheless also be paired with other items, such as a knitted top, in order to make it slightly less revealing. But however you personally decide to wear it, you should nonetheless try it out for yourself in some way or another, just to try and get a taste for it and see if it does indeed work for you.

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Strong Shoulders

As you know, one of the best ways to predict what looks will be strong is to look at what has been especially popular on recent catwalks. One thing that we have seen time and again on the catwalk which is going to therefore be a big showing in 2021 is strong shoulders. Whether this is achieved through a formal means such as business wear, or through edgier pieces, it is nonetheless always a great look. It is bound to be a big one in the coming year, so you might want to try it out for yourself and see whether it seems to suit you or not. You might be surprised – and you might find that the level of comfort it gives you is especially confidence-boosting too.

As you can see, there are so many potential looks that you might want to try and look out for, and a lot of ways in which these elements are going to be approached. However far you want to take them, you should nonetheless think about these if you are keen to look the part and look your absolute best. You should also bear in mind it’s always good to do your own research and, above all, to go for whatever style you happen to think is best for your own purposes and needs. That remains true in 2021, as it has in past years, no matter what else is going on.

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