Mr. Buddy – Fonqwitus

Mr. Buddy perfectly captures essence of Funk with latest single ‘Fonqwitus 

JACKSONVILLE, FL – In a world full of 808s and Trap beats, Mr. Buddy is bringing a different kind of swing. His music is something that can’t be labeled because it’s new age, but at the same time his funkalicious swag has a familiar flavor that is reminiscent of some of the greats like Heavy D or George Clinton. 

That funky swag is showcased on his latest single “Fonqwitus” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The song opens with a throwback kind of sound that soon introduces a funky beat that’s so catchy it practically oozes with joy. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not bounce and bop to the groove that Mr. Buddy creates. True to his name, this comedian-turned-musician puts a smile on the faces of anyone who listens to his latest track. 

“I wanted to make a song that was big enough and good enough to get people to get up and dance and party and have a good time, especially with what we’re going through with the Corona Virus,” Mr. Buddy said. “It’s a song that allows you to have your own personal party at home. It’s not the cliché rapping-about-guns-or-girls-or-money kind of song. It’s just simply about having a good time. I wanted to make music that children who grew up like me could listen to with their parents. There’s no curse words or sexual innuendos, just good clean fun music that allows everyone to have a good time.” 

Fonqwitus” is the perfect song to showcase the unique sound and style from this fast-rising artist from the south. Though it’s the first single he’s ever released publicly, it’s not the first music he’s created in his life. In fact, he’s always had a musical background dating back to his time in elementary school. The second oldest of five children, Mr. Buddy is part of a music-loving family. His father, who plays bass guitar, introduced him to music, while his mother sings and plays the flute. As he grew older, he began to learn as many different instruments as he could – from piano and drums to trumpet and more.  

“My background is in Jazz, but my sound has an influence of the 70s, 80s and 90s and includes Funk, Disco, Big Band, Hip Hop, Classic, Alternative Rock, Neo-Soul, and even Country,” he said. “I love the thick chords and phat basslines that come with Funk music. The funkier the better. With an upbringing in the church and with giants like Will Smith as an example, I pride myself in creating fun, clean music that all people can enjoy.” 

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