No Suspects in Killing of 2nd Notable Louisville Protester

It’s been weeks since the murder of Kris Smith, a notable community figure and businessman in Louisville, and still no suspects. Smith was only 42-years-old when police say he was shot and killed December 11th, in the Portland neighborhood. No arrests have been made yet but investigators say the shots came from a black Ram truck, where two men were inside.

Smith was known for his willingness to never back down but also his high IQ when it came to knowledge of racial unrest.

The 42-year-old is the second Louisville protester to be shot and killed in the span of several weeks. Twenty-one-year-old Travis Nagdy was killed a few weeks ago near U of L’s Belknap campus.

Word on the street is that the murderers are members of the Trump supporting Proud Boys, and that both murders were hits. And it just so happens that the police can’t find suspects. Smh.

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