Yogi 700 – Dangerous

 Yogi 700 keeps his vibe 
100 percent with new album ‘700 Milligramz 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Yogi 700 is one of those unique individuals who also sees the glass as half-full. Born with 7 fingers he’s very optimistic, and his music offers that same kind of hope to the world. As a young 23-year-old artist trying to show the world his unique sound and style, Yogi 700 demonstrates that never-give-up attitude in ways that are equal parts inspiring and motivational. With his latest album “700 Milligramz” which features the hit single “Dangerous,” Yogi 700 is set to launch himself onto the global stage in big ways. 

“700 Milligramz” is an album that Yogi 700 said will get fans equal parts turnt up and turned down. It tells his life story – from the moment he arrived in LA a few years ago to the point that he’s at today. He said he wanted to give the world a project that only gives off the full spectrum of who he once was compared to who he is today, but also an album that showcases his wide range of styles and sounds. 

“There’s singing and rapping,” he said. “There’s Hip Hop and Soul and a little bit of Pop. Singing, more than anything else, is the core of what led me to music. I try to make that the biggest core of most of my music, unless there’s something occurring inside that makes me want to let it out as a Rap song. But most of this project will be songs that people can feel on a deeper level and vibe to.” 

“Dangerous” is perhaps the best example of that. It’s a song that explores the aches of heartbreak and the joys of reunion, or at least the hopes of a reunion. Yogi 700 said he was fascinated with that liminal space in which so many people find themselves when they’re hoping for a relationship to take the next step. 

“Even though you know that’s what you want, you’re teeter-tottering if it’s gonna happen,” he said. “This song is about focusing on you and letting things happen as they are instead of trying to force it. It’s got the kind of vibe that makes you just want to sit on the couch and relax – something that’s gonna vibe you down.” 

This isn’t the first project that Yogi 700 has released to the world. Prior to moving to LA, he released several mixtapes and singles in his hometown of Iowa City, Iowa. After a series of hardships that saw Yogi 700 living on the streets for a while, he got his big break in LA when label owner Mark Ellis and Billy Davenport signed him to his first recording contract with Static Music Group. From there, he started to build a base in LA, and that journey of ups and downs makes up the core of his new album. 

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5 thoughts on “Yogi 700 – Dangerous

  1. If I’m being completely honest this song is amazing and I hear my honeys voice in the background. Im hooked and want to hear more from you Yogi 700. If this voice in the back is who I think It is then you are in for a fun ride Kehlani’s an amazing person and tbh you guys would be cute together. Black Sagittarius man and a Hispanic Tuarus women that’s so adorable I don’t even wanna think about it. I’m a lesbian and I’m a cali native so I follow her music because she went through what I went through growing up but it’s honestly very cool to think of her being with a man who’s not only from ghost town backwood Iowa but who’s straight and take it seriously. I questioned if I wanted to support this song after hearing it and I’m all for supporting the wave this is gunna make. I don’t know what your plan is Yogi 700 but you are clearly on the right track if you and Kehlani are on the same page. I never thought I’d see her do music with a guy who was from Iowa yet alone who was still tryna break into the industry. I was driving passed a subway and saw you ordering food one time. Your very handsome and tall and very kind so I understand why this happened the girl can’t help it. Take a lesson Y’all dick head dudes because it appears the nice guys are starting to win.

    1. I agree. That would be interesting to see. But is he dad material is the question does he cook clean and have a job?

  2. I actually dated Yogi 700 for a while and I have to admit I toyed with the mans emotions so much just because he’s from Iowa lol. He didn’t even react how I expected so I’d say he’s a solid guy sensitive and strong all together. Understanding and all that he just loves to hard in my opinion. He doesn’t seem to understand that this is LA and not all women wanna love somebody some of us just like to please. I mean yeah I was sort of the issue but he’s like 24 and I’m 20 so what else did he expect except for me to be childish lol. Relationship Wise I give him an 8/10 I know from Iowa to LA is crazy different so benefit of the doubt I asked him and he told me about his past relationships and I expected him to go berserk if I did him dirty like they did but he didn’t he said he learned from an ex to just walk away. Hes actually funny and cool to be around if you like nerds lol tbh It’s just because he’s so huge I got scared and turned on when he got loud with me. Macy you say he’s cute and all and I agree but remember he’s still a big guy and everyone has limits. If your gunna date him be real with him because he’s to real I stand up for him othat he’s chasing a big bag with this and after watching him break once because of me I don’t ever wanna see a good man fall like that again. I got his back and will support anything he does. Plus KEHLANI IS IN THE BACKGROUND!!!! Will you please tell me this is real? Hey if you read this honey please don’t do what I did and just be honest and real with the guy. He said he has sisters and stuff so given the chance he’s super sensitive at times if your tryna hurt him on purpose like I was lol I’m not shit I know it was just fun. I would like to see this though no lie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with a guy that’s her age and a personality match. Plus hes lost alot of weight since I met him last year. I don’t know what the world will think but as far as me as a bisexual Santa Monica Venice Beach local I approve. It’s always the oddest couples that are the cutest.


  4. I like this and if I’m being real yogi your the reason I stopped being racist. Your like my favorite person ever your typical at times and not typical at others. Your completely different then any guy I’ve ever met. I adore Kehlani so if this ever becomes a thing I will warn you now if you hurt her I will burn you alive. I told all my friends this was a thing after doing some research and macy is right Sag man and Taurus women would be cute even if it was a test trial lol. So walk lightly because we don’t play when it comes to our girl. Also her parents? You better have a job and some respect.

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