January 22, 2022

Post: Breakdown The Roadblocks That Are Stopping You From Reaching Your Max Potential

Are you struggling to reach your maximum potential in life? Do you constantly feel as though there are things in your way or issues holding you back? You’re not alone in feeling like this. A lot of people struggle to break down the barriers that are ahead of them and prevent them from achieving their goals. The first step will always be understanding what these barriers are and how they impact you. 

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Low Self Confidence

There have been numerous studies exploring the impact of self confidence on individuals and how it could impact levels of success. Studies show that it is recognised when people do have low levels of confidence. This means that you might struggle to win a job interview or perhaps get the ‘yes’ when you ask someone out. 

There are various signs of low confidence. For instance, you might find that you struggle to make eye contact or you could have a weak handshake. These are a couple of the common signs that you do have an issue with confidence and it’s plain for anyone to see. If you have problems with confidence, then you are going to struggle to convince people that you will be able to perform effectively in a role. If you have high levels of confidence, then people are going to gravitate towards you. Both personally and professionally, individuals will want to get to know you and potentially share in your successes. This could lead to new doors opening in your life 

The question is how can you build levels of confidence or at least trigger the perception that you are confident in what you can offer. You might want to think about practising in front of a mirror. You should do this before events where confidence levels will be important such as a job interview or perhaps a first date. It may seem silly but practising your smile and your handshake can help a lot and ensure that you do make a killer first impression. 

Mental Health Conditions 

It’s possible that you also have a mental health condition that is fighting against you when you are working to achieve your goal. There are lots of mental health issues that can impact levels of productivity and focus. For instance, you might suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition will essentially leave you feeling constantly drained of energy a lot of the time. It could also mean that you struggle to get out of bed and get to work in the morning. This is always going to be a barrier to your career. 

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Unfortunately, there is no simple cure for this condition. However, there are definitely ways to cope with it more effectively. For instance, you could explore the option of cognitive therapy. With therapy, you will be able to explore what is causing you to feel run down and tired. Be aware that chronic fatigue syndrome is often triggered by significant levels of stress in your life. This could be the case with you and if that is what’s going on underneath the surface, then there are ways to relax and destress without throwing off your entire life. 

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There are also various other forms of treatment that you can try. For instance, you might be suffering from PTSD. This condition can hit your productivity levels hard and you might struggle to go out and socialize. You might also find it difficult to stay focused through the day. A lot of people with PTSD do drift into intense daydreams even when they are in situations where they need to focus like being at work. 

Neurofeedback PTSD treatment can help here. It will help ensure that you can pull yourself out of these daydreams and instead reattach yourself firmly to reality and what’s going on around you. Once you achieve this, you will find you are far more productive throughout the day. 

Conquer Your Fear

Fear is something that can stop us from achieving a lot in life. It can stop us from living out our dreams. For instance, you might have always dreamed of going skydiving but you could be too scared to get on the plane. Or, you might simply be scared of rejection. Rejection is incredibly difficult for some people to deal with despite being a common fact of life. You may be working on getting a book that you have written published. But if you’re scared of rejection then you’re never going to send it out to publishers or literary agents. Most books will be rejected more than 13 times before they are chosen for publication. 

You could even just have a fear of the unknown. If you are scared of what could happen, then you’re going to stray from taking any chances in your life. This is always going to lead to you missing out on key opportunities. Many people had no idea what Bitcoin was when it first entered the market. However, those that took a chance at the beginning or now millionaires after investing next to nothing. 

Toxic Individuals

Finally, it’s possible that the problem isn’t you at all. Instead, it could be other people in your life who are stopping you from achieving your goals. That’s an issue and it’s important to address this problem head on. You might need to consider removing these individuals from your life. At the very least, you should talk to them and let them know that you recognize they are causing you problems. Many won’t even realize that they are tearing you down, often in an attempt to build up their own levels of confidence. Be aware that anyone could be toxic. It might be your partner, your friend, or a family member. You need to be honest about the impact these relationships are having on your life. 

We hope this helps you realize some of the barriers that could be stopping you from achieving your goals and what you can do to tear them down. Once you remove these barriers, you’ll be able to push yourself forward in exciting new directions. You will unlock your maximum potential in your career, your personal life, and every aspect of your world. 

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