January 22, 2022

New Music: RM Philly – O Yea | @rmphilly

From City to City RM Philly is ripping stages and leaving his mark to remind his fans, that he does it all for them. Philly is the type of artist that connects well with his fans and his stage presence is remarkable. RM Philly has a hell of a team behind him and the sky has no limit. Together the team of skilled individuals are creating the next iconic music figure.

Records pop off the top of RM’s head through real life experiences and the weight of the world is on his shoulders. RM Philly is very dedicated to his craft and takes his time plus his drive to equal his energy. The fan base of Philly is steadily increasing, and RM Philly is loving it and feeling loved by his fans.

Philly is making King moves and his music is matching each play. His new single “O YEA” represents everything RM Philly stands for and he’s got his city backing him. RM Philly is taking flight and cranking out an awesome body of work single after single. For more information about RM Philly follow him on:

Instagram: @rmphilly

Spotify: RM Philly

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