Post: The Beauty Trends to Look Out For

The past year has been an interesting time when it comes to self-care and beauty trends. With more and more of us staying at home, there has definitely been a downward shift to more minimal makeup, for example, as well as embracing natural hair. Wearing masks and face coverings has meant that more of us are moving away from a bold lip, as is it going to be covered up anyway. So what are some beauty trends to look for going forward, and how will they help us? Here are some styles to embrace.


Bare face

With nowhere to go, working from home, and other post-pandemic side effects, it seems like a lot of effort to be getting back into wearing a full face of makeup, with primer, foundation, powder and concealer. Even if you are someone who likes to wear eye makeup, for example, there is still very much a trend for having bare skin, and embracing your natural skin. Keeping makeup pretty minimal is something that will be here to stay for a while.

Semi-permanent makeup

A lot of salons had to close during the pandemic, but for those that are open, they have seen a rise in the number of people choosing semi-permanent makeup. Something like microblading on your eyebrows is something that can last for a number of months and mean that you don’t have to wake up and do your eyebrows each morning. If you’re looking for low maintenance and something that allows you to get up and not take ages to get ready, then this is definitely something to consider. 


Hair clips

Clips of all kinds in the hair are a big thing this year, from barrettes, to claw clips, to fancy slides. They add a bit of something to your outfit, without having to do a lot, and they can make an up-do look much more stylish, which can be needed when working from home and needing to quickly smarten up an outfit for a Zoom meeting. So many celebrities have been seen with this trend too, and it is an easy one to join in with. 

Shades of red 

From hair, to nails, to makeup, it is all about those warm red tones. Shades like copper and scarlett are definitely bold choices, but you could even go for more subtle shades like peach or strawberry blond, for hair or for makeup and nails. With warm shades, you are bringing warmth to winter days, and they tend to suit a wider range of people than colder shades. 

Busy brows

Big brows are still very much in, and brushing them upwards to have an uneven and busy look to them is still all of the rage. You can get brushes specifically for eyebrows, but it can be a good idea to wash the brush of an old mascara, and use that, along with some brow gel, to get the bushy brows of your dreams. 

What trend are you most interested in trying out over the next few months?

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