Introducing Reggae Super Star Scooby Loo

There’s a new artist to hit the scene and his name is Scooby Loo, a Reggae Super Star in the making. Scooby Loo’s first Solo album titled DES-TUNE-E has a great mixture of dancehall records with today’s innovative sounds. His standout songs are “Get Away, Love It” and “Scooby Bop.”

Scooby Loo has a sound that will be around forever so make sure you check out his latest project and his YouTube for some of the best music videos…Scooby Loo is stamped by music vets, so make sure you also check him out on all streaming platforms.

DƏS-TUNƏ-Ə is available now to Stream/Download on preferred platforms

Connect with Scooby Loo​

Scooby Loo – YouTube

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