New Music: Beanz Valentino – Dead or Alive

One read of the artist Beanz profile and you will learn a whole lot about the young man. Working in the industry since the age of 5? I don’t know many artists who literally grew up in the game but this guy grew up in it and lived in it the whole time. Not only that but he was raised in a studio? Sounds like a rapper dream come true! Not only that but Beanz done opened up for E40, Uncle Snoop, MGK, Baby Bash and 2Chainz? As a young artist thats exposure that most artists couldn’t even begin to dream of.

The track is Dead or Alive and this guy just goes in, he don’t waste a single breath talking to his audience and his competition. By the way he talking he don’t even seem to think that competition got anything on him. Kid got a speed and a mellow out that work just right, he change up the flow when it matters and drives home each bar. You need to check out the young man today! Beanz Valentino with the Dead or Alive track out everywhere.

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