February 20, 2024

New Music: Kortny De1 – 15 | @KingDeUno

When it comes to the Hiphop industry its very few artists that have the full package of music, persona and the look. KortneyD1 has the punchlines that have his male fans dedicated to listening and the female fans are in love with the look that actually matches his sound.

Kortny has the Little Rock Arkansas mannerism combined with his Atlanta swag that makes a statement to his fans and they are loving it. Consistent rehearsals keep KortnyD1’s ball rolling while his music is taking flight. Music created by KortnyDe1 is headed to the four corners of the earth and Atlanta is receiving him well. KortnyDe1’s music is a whole vibe that can play record after record and then repeat.

KortnyDe1’s encyclopedic memory for sound landed him in the hands of one of the top Marketing & Brand Agencies that deals with major artist in Atlanta and he’s been welcomed in quite nicely. The young artistic KortnyDe1 has worked with countless artist in the industry and there are still more to go on his bucket list.

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As a artist KortnyDe1 has proven that he is a hard worker and always cares about a finished project and his passion Kortny’s training began at an early age and has now flourished into an amazing musical genius. Taking so much of his own time to help other artists, surprisingly he also has time for a successful solo career himself.

KortnyDe1 is delivering messages through his music knowing that friends, family and fans go through ups and downs and need the right music to feel good during those times. The fire that burns inside Kortny has increased and his passion is fueled by that fire. The new single released titled “15” is winning.

PR team: Shante Traynham and Mimi Carpenter

Eyelash Vizion Marketing & Brand Agency

Shante Traynham (CEO)

Direct: 818.471.3466

Office: 770.742.9141

Fax: 404.393.7370

Email: Shante@EyelashVizion.com

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