Post: Helping Your Man if He Has Image Issues

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Feeling self-conscious is not just something that happens to women. We can see men in our lives with body issues. If they feel they weigh too much, or they have any type of body dysmorphia, we have to remember that the issues can come from a different place. If your partner or a man in your life is experiencing body issues, let’s show you how you can help and provide that all-important support. 

Look at Where it Is Coming From 

Sometimes men can have the same concerns and us, and it can come from the same place. We view ourselves as inadequate or inferior in some way. And this is because we start to compare ourselves to people. But some men, especially those in a certain age bracket, feel bound by a certain duty of masculinity. The men that go to the gym in the hopes of getting bigger so they appear more masculine is a very common root cause. And sometimes, men are not able to achieve these goals, due to factors beyond their control. Sometimes they do not have the build to achieve massive muscles, or they naturally have a low hormone level, like testosterone. And while hormone replacement therapy can help with testosterone levels and strength issues, the damage has been done in a mental sense. And we have to start by changing their views of themselves. 

Taking Validation Into Account 

It’s so easy for us to point out flaws. Many people feel that all we need to do is go on social media and they’ve got reasons to hate themselves because they see other people with perfect bodies or perfect workout routines that achieve a certain stature. But what we can do is start to have a wider conversation about self-worth. Instead of pointing out flaws, we can start to validate. If your man has a beer belly, he knows that it’s there. But point out what you appreciate. It’s not easy to build up somebody’s sense of self-worth, but you can avoid breaking it down. 

Addressing Our Own Attitudes 

It’s important to remember that if your man has a complex, it could very easily stem from something that you said a long time ago that you didn’t remember. Sometimes, we can point out other guys with a dream body, and be very playful about it. But we have to remember that this can be very damaging to the men we care about. We can very easily call men “vein” if they talk about their bodies. Instead, when a man opens up, this is a rare opportunity for us to express our true feelings towards them and show that we mean it. Many men are incapable of opening up, and an issue such as this required sensitivity. It’s important to remember that there are external resources available, such as counseling, hypnosis, and so on, but when we are addressing body image, our attitudes will greatly impact them. 

As we get older we are going to feel that our body isn’t what it once was, or possibly feel that it never achieved greatness. And if your man starts to feel like this, you know exactly how it feels. And this is why it’s so important for us to remember that men can be a sensitive as us. Body issues are common, especially with people in health and fitness. And it’s about changing our attitudes. But we can start by focusing on the ones we love.

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