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Reggo reflects on the good and the bad of the streets with new single ‘Politics’ 

DENVER, CO – A song that illuminates all the perks and attributes that come with being a part of the streets is the latest offering from Hip Hop artist Reggo. Originally from the Deep South of Louisiana but currently hailing from Denver, Colorado, this veteran of the game brings a one-of-a-kind sound with his unique flow and delivery. With his latest single “Politics,” he lets fans get a closer look at his life while also helping people understand how to make better choices when faced with difficult circumstances. 

“I’m talking about my position and what I did coming up in the hood,” he said. “The name ‘Politics’ came from the balance of the good and the bad, and some of the statements that were made on the streets. It’s a song about juggling all the variables of the streets. More than anything, I think it shows my delivery and the way I come off on the beats. I have a rhyme scheme that hasn’t been introduced yet. I got a sound that’s like nothing that’s out there right now. I can’t even dictate someone who’s on the same level as me as far as how I’m coming. There’s not too many in the game coming how I’m coming.” 

Reggo has been on his musical journey for a while with many opportunities for big things along the way. He started recording around age 14 with friends. They didn’t have a studio to go to, so they’d lay a microphone against a speaker to get the beat and record their songs on cassette players. Growing up in a small town, he said the only way to get out of the hood was through three options: being good at school, being an athlete, or doing music. The latter was his best option, he said. But even with music, he found himself sucked into a life of hustling on the streets. He was making big money hustling – so much so that he missed a couple of big opportunities to make some major moves in the music industry. One missed opportunity in particular that involved a meeting with Meek Mill opened his eyes to the possibilities before him and made him realize he had raw, natural talent that could take him places as a musician. Since then he’s met with some labels and worked on honing his craft, creating songs and projects that have slowly gathered him a fanbase over the years. 

“I look at this as a calling from God, and I’m gonna push it as far as I can,” he said. “I hope my music helps people realize that even if you grew up in a poverty-stricken environment, or if you feel like all the odds are against you, you have a talent. Stick with it and pray about it and it’ll get you out. I thought I was stuck – I couldn’t get out of where I was or progress to save my life. But one thing led to another, and seeing my music helping others gave me the kick to keep going. I think I can help other people get out of similar situations with my music.” 

In addition to “Politics,” Reggo said he has another single called “Facts” set to drop sometime in April.  


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