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New artist Thotti Tim brings spacey, feel-good vibe to the world with new single ‘Dream’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – When Thotti Tim listens to music, he wants it to be something fun that doesn’t require a lot of energy and attention to enjoy. He just wants it to be a vibe. That’s exactly what he’s captured with his latest single “Dream,” which was recently released wide across all streaming platforms. It’s a song that has a nice, spacey atmosphere that fits perfectly alongside Thotti’s deep voice and engaging lyrical content. Produced by Luke4Pres, the song has a “Disney-esque” or “Wonka-ish” vibe to it, Thotti said.

“Anyone listening to it will hear that aspect,” he said. “I wanted to convey a dream – that feeling you have when you wake up from a crazy dream and you try to explain to other people what happened in that dream. When we got in the studio and started messing around with that idea, we had a lot of fun and this is the song that came out of that.”

Thotti said his style is a little different than anyone else in the industry today because he mashes together different tempos or vibes or various other aspects of genres into one song. Having listened to music heavily throughout his life, he’s become somewhat of a music scholar and has an encyclopedic knowledge of different styles of music and artistic influences. When he adds his own unique point of view through songwriting, he comes up with something that’s truly original.

That’s quite a leap for someone who only started making music professionally a few months ago. At age 23, he’s long been a fan of music and has dabbled with recording and producing on the side for years. But it wasn’t until early 2021 that he decided to take it seriously and create music full time. He said his goal is to create a positive community and impact with his music.

“I have always wanted to provide a positive impact on people’s lives,” he said. “When you get home at the end of a hard day, you want to sit back and watch something or listen to a new album or song or something. If I can pass that on to somebody else – that kind of laid-back vibe that puts you at ease – then that’s the most special thing to me. I just want to be able to provide some sort of positive impact. Any joy that people can get from my music is the end goal. I started to make music because it’s hard to find music I like these days – either it’s too generic or too in your face or just ridiculous. I’m going to make music I want to listen to, and if other people like it, too, that’s great!”

Thotti Tim said he has more music ready to drop in the coming months, and that he might release a three-song EP later this summer.

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