Ain’t Never Fold – Dirt On My Name

ANF set to launch onto the international market with powerful new album ‘Who Am I’ 

Anthony Naylor is an artist who is never gonna quit. It’s been his life motto for as long as he can remember, and it’s the reason he goes by the stage name ANF, which stands for “Ain’t Never Fold.” That go-get-em attitude has helped propel him as a recording artists over the past few years, and it’s the thing that has made him stand out among a crowded marketplace. And today, which the release of his new 12-song album “Who Am I,” he’s set to become more than just an East Coast sensation. ANF is set to become an international influencer whose music gets played in countries all over the world. 

Known for his consistent creative styles, ANF’s latest project has 12 tracks that explore his love life, his dreams, and his navigation through different lifestyles that come from success in the industry. “Who Am I” is an appropriately named album in that anyone who listens to the project will definitely found out who ANF is. It’s an introduction of what he’s about to bring to the music game, and it’s a demonstration of his mastery across multiple sounds and styles. 

“I’ve got a unique flow,” he said. “I’m not doing all the same shit every other rapper out there is doing today. On this project I’ve got some slow music and some motivational music – all types of stuff. I rap and I sing and I just have a bunch of different styles that are very creative.” 

The standout track from the album is “Dirt On My Name,” which features the notorious rapper Rich Homie Quan. It’s the third track on the album and it describes life in ANF’s hometown of Frederick, Maryland. The song talks about the problems he had while growing up there, and how success brought a whole new set of problems. 

“It’s about old friends and family and how when I started getting bigger people back home wanted to start hating,” ANF said. “It’s just one of many hits on this album. I think the whole tape is a bunch of radio-ready hits. I’m coming from a place where people don’t really make it out or do this type of thing, and this album shows how I’m trying to make it. I got some vibe music up in there. Some stuff to make you feel good. Some turn up music. At the end of the day I want to be known for creating hit-makers. I make real, organic, soulful, timeless music.” 


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