November 30, 2023

Post : A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life

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Spiritual life means different things to different people. For some people it means long meditation sessions, rituals, and worship, for others it means paying attention to everyday tasks and bringing more joy and awareness to their lives and the lives of others. There is no right or wrong answer. If your spiritual practice brings you happiness, then it works. 

Stay active

You might think living the spiritual life means spending longer periods meditating, studying, or performing rituals. That’s part of it in some places, but it’s also much simpler to access and benefit from. Your mind and body are connected to look after them both. 

Staying active is also a spiritual practice. When you run, workout, do yoga, or lift weights you’re training your body and mind to work together in harmony. Harmonising your body and mind is a core part of spiritual practice. 

Eat healthy 

You can’t have a healthy mind that reaches higher states in meditation if you’re always craving your favourite food. It’s distracting and habit forming which takes you away from the aims of your spiritual practice. Try to eat healthy and build useful habits. 

The body is kind of a learning machine. It responds to the food you consume and the exercise you perform. If you get junk food you will start to crave it, for instance, and lethargy breeds more lethargy. Train your body and mind by eating healthily

Sleep soundly 

Again, you might not think sleep is a big part of the spiritual life, but just try to meditate or do some yoga when you’re tired, you will soon realise it’s not possible and that you need to get some proper sleep before you can do anything. 

Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep through the night. It’s best to sleep through the midnight hours as your circadian rhythms respond to the darkness and the light. If you have trouble sleeping research solutions and consider hypnotherapy. 

Improve habits 

Your lifestyle habits are one of the most important features of spiritual life. One of the fundamental tenets of spirituality is the discipline to detach yourself from craving and find the peace and harmony that exists within. This isn’t always easy, and some people might need some help from American Addiction Centers

One way to identify your habits and replace them with better ones is to keep a daily journal over the course of a month. You can then see what habits are beneficial and which ones you can let go of or change. 

Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is one of the best and easiest ways into the spiritual life. It is one of the first things the buddha taught two and half thousand years ago, and it still works today. It’s a simple practice of paying attention to whatever you are doing. 

Paying attention to what you’re doing, whether it is washing dishes, driving, or working at your laptop, is a gateway into the present moment. When you start to experience the present moment you start to realize the peace and joy there is there, and you start to practice more and more. 

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