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When heading to university or college away from home, it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun of it all. That is to say that the social life and nightlife away from home can be a tremendous experience for many young people, or a return to fun for those who may be a little more mature.

However, it’s also true to say that the lifestyle of working continually, studying hard and fitting in a social life is pretty hard to balance and manage, and in the end, it’s not uncommon for us to lose out on managing ourselves as appropriate.

For this reason, added advice for health and fitness at university is important to consider. We hope to help you define what that means in this post, and in the long run, perhaps curate a more confident approach towards managing your health despite the strong influences going on around you.

No matter your age, you deserve to feel self-reliant and well energized when at university. We hope to help you in that regard:

Get Enough Sleep

It’s good to get enough sleep, of course, but it’s hard to do that when you have people pulling you in all kinds of directions at university. Furthermore, if you drink while going out with your friends, which is totally your right, remember that you’re not getting the quality sleep you need, because you can’t really enter REM sleep with alcohol in your blood. It’s essential to catch up when you can, to make sure you mostly get good sleep, and to be disciplined about it. Earplugs can help.

Consider Your Social Health

Consider your social health going forward. It’s very important to make sure that you don’t feel peer pressured into certain activities, and that you stay disciplined in terms of what circles you enter and who you’re good to be around. This might involve attending clubs that work for you, having the plan b pill on hand, or ensuring that you report any instances of predatory behavior to your administrative student body. Social health can sometimes mean being able to turn down a night out because of your studies, or giving yourself room to blow off some steam at special events. This all works wonders going forward.

Have Fun, But With Care

It’s important to have fun when you can, but to do so in a caring and careful environment. Remember that at university, everyone is finding themselves, and so it’s important to make sure you try a few cool things, or that you try a few social groups. That said, sometimes parties can get out of hand, or the culture may feel a little toxic. It’s fine to remove yourself from situations, or to try something to find that you don’t like it, or that perhaps partying isn’t even for you. Having fun, but with care, helps you make those decisions while still staying responsible. 

While this article may have sounded like a parent nagging you to behave, these tips can truly help you take care of yourself at university. We hope they help.

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