September 28, 2023

Post: Have You Got a Bad Back? Read This

Have You Got a Bad Back? Read This!

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. They might accidentally lift something heavy incorrectly or perhaps push their bodies past their physical limitations somehow. Others may have a bad back due to an accident or as part of the aging process.

You’re likely reading this because you currently have a bad back. You want some inspiration on what to do about your bad back, but you’re unsure what to do. Here are some actionable steps you can take to relieve your back pain and ease your symptoms:

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Have a Hot Bath

One of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms of a painful back is by having a hot bath. It might seem like an odd concept, but soaking your body in hot water for at least ten minutes produces anti-inflammatory effects.

That’s because the hot water will increase your blood circulation, resulting in cell regeneration in your body and an expedited healing process. The enlarged blood vessels caused by hot water allow more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to circulate.

Having a soak in a hot bath is a form of heat therapy. It’s also helpful if you have stiff joints, especially first thing on a particularly cold morning.

See a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist

If you’ve discussed your back pain with your doctor, and there are no untoward symptoms that cause concern, your doctor may well have sent you home with a prescription for some painkillers.

However, taking painkillers is only a temporary remedy and doesn’t resolve what is causing you to have a bad back. Another option for you to consider might be to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor and get some help from them.

A chiropractor’s job is to help diagnose, treat, and manage any problems relating to the body’s bones, joints, and muscles. They are best placed to give you the help you need to manage your pain and eventually get rid of it.

Seeing a physio will also provide solutions for controlling your back pain. They will be able to provide pain relief through massage and manipulation techniques, while also coaching you in ways you can alleviate discomfort in your everyday life.

Do Some Regular Exercises

Let’s face it: when you’ve got a bad back, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising. Yet, it’s an excellent way of relieving your back pain for several reasons. Firstly, it reduces the stiffness in your back by making connective fibers of ligaments and tendons more flexible.

Secondly, some exercises like yoga can help to relax your body. One scientific study compared yoga with regular physical therapy and concluded that yoga diminished back pain levels at similar levels to physical therapy.

Lastly, regular exercises help strengthen your spine, particularly your intervertebral discs, which absorb shock from your spine.

Lose Some Weight

One final thought to keep in mind is that excess body fat can significantly contribute to a bad back. If you’re overweight, you may well find that losing some weight and reaching a healthier weight level will diminish your back pain.

Of course, losing weight also provides a whole host of other health benefits and reduces the risks of developing specific chronic medical conditions.

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