December 6, 2023

Post: How To Make Customer Payments Quicker For Your Business

If you are a small business owner, you can probably picture the following scenarios: Your customer’s arms are full. They have a child in one arm and are juggling the contents of their bag in another. While doing all of this, they are trying to make a purchase. In a second scenario, your customer is in a hurry, coins are falling out of their wallet, and they need to reach down to pick them up, but do not want to leave their credit card unattended to pick them up (even a mere six inches above them). In a third scenario, your customer simply does not wish to touch anything more than they absolutely need to complete the purchase they have come to make. How could a simple transaction such as shopping possibly make their life easier?

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Now flip the above narrative around. In the first scenario, you are keying in your customer’s credit card while they are juggling their child and wallet. This is inconvenient for them and takes too long. In the second scenario, the customer’s credit card is inserted into a chip reader that is, once again, taking too long, and you have no control over when your chip reader will finish the transaction. In the third scenario, your customer receives contactless and quick service while not having to wait for you to key their card or leave their card in a chip reader for a longer time than necessary. Their purchase is quick and easy.

All of these different circumstances lead to the important difference between swiping and keying a transaction. How do you currently handle credit card transactions in your business? You probably already know what works best for you in addition to what is more convenient for everyone involved in a transaction. When you have to take the extra time to key in all of the necessary information on a credit card for each transaction, it takes away from opportunities to market your brand and interact with customers.

As a small business owner, you may have a brick-and-mortar location. Perhaps you are entirely mobile – as in a food truck vendor. Or you might have a mix of the two and travel to attend arts and crafts fairs in your area. Regardless of how your business operates, it is crucial to your customer’s continued happiness and good vibes about your products and services that you offer them a happy purchasing experience. The option for portability and contact-free options in point-of-sale transactions will lead to more sales simply by shortening your customer’s wait time. The contactless aspect will lessen the time, as well.

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Being an entrepreneur owning your own business takes time, effort, and tenacity. Make sure the end product and end experiences are representative of your brand. With a portable card reader, your customers simply swipe, tap, or hover their card over the device. This process will make the transaction quicker for you and seamless for your loyal customers. They will have a positive interaction with you that leaves them happy and makes them want to come back again. 

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