September 21, 2023

Post: New Marketing Tactics You Might Not Have Considered Before

Whether you have only just started your business or you’ve been running it for a long time now, marketing is always going to be a priority. It has to be; without marketing, your wonderful products and exceptional services aren’t going to get the recognition they deserve if you want to make your business a success. 

You have probably already explored the usual advertising and marketing methods, such as social media and local news outlets; you might even have sent out mailshots, and perhaps they haven’t worked as well as you might have liked. The good news is, the world of marketing is constantly changing, always evolving, and just because one idea didn’t work, that doesn’t mean one of the new concepts (or more than one) won’t be exactly what your business needs. Read on to find out what some of these new marketing tactics are. 

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Advertise On Online Radio 

There are some great online radio programs and apps that anyone can download for free and enjoy. Often they will be offered a choice; they can either pay a subscription fee and block the ads, or they can have the music they want for free but have ads playing at regular intervals. Interestingly, most people choose to pay nothing and listen to the ads. Therefore, it makes sense that you advertise in this space; more people will hear what you have to say. 

Although this might sound daunting, and you won’t want to blow your budget on this idea, don’t worry; there is plenty of advice you can get about this kind of advertising, including Pandora ads which don’t cost as much as many others will. Your budget should be able to stretch. 

Use an AI Marketing Company

These days, it’s easier to use artificial intelligence to market your company than ever before. Doing so enables you to save time, increase efficiency and target your audience with more accuracy, which is why you need an AI advertising company that can gather data about your target audience and come up with algorithms that will help to convert them quickly, right now.

Post Top-Quality Video Content 

Videos are becoming one of the very best forms of advertising you can employ. They are ideal since they offer people a real insight into what you do and who you are, they are perfectly shareable through email or social media (they can even go viral if you work hard enough at them), and they can put your message across much more succinctly that a blog can do. When you have created your video, think carefully about where you want to share it though. We just mentioned that social media and emails are a good option, but you should also consider putting it on your blog. If you don’t have one of these for your business already, then you should create your own blog, build it up, and post your video content on there as well as other places online.

The key to making good videos is the quality. If the video is of poor quality, if the sound isn’t right, if it’s just difficult to watch, people won’t enjoy it no matter what the content is. If the quality is good, more people will see what you have to say, and they will be more likely to share it too. This is why every business should have its own YouTube channel, just as it should have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. 

For an example of a business Youtube channel check out this channel belonging to Dennis Hernandez. As you can see, there is a range of video content here including video testimonials to media coverage. You don’t have to settle for standard informational vlog posts. In fact, getting creative with different types of videos will help to show different sides of your business.

Understand Your Target Demographic 

When you put together your marketing budget, you’re always going to want it to go as far as possible. The more you can get for your budget, the more potential return you have, and that’s important. 

One of the best ways you can make your marketing budget, no matter how big or small it might be, go further is to be able to focus on your target demographic. If you do this, you won’t be wasting money advertising to people who will never buy your product, even if they enjoy your marketing. 

To do this, you need to spend time conducting in-depth market research. In this way, you will understand who your true target market is. When you know this, you can create marketing that appeals to them, and, if it does the job it is meant to do, that will bring you more sales. 

Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, so too must the way that businesses approach marketing. One of the latest trends in marketing is marketing automation, which refers to using software to automate marketing tasks. Marketing automation can be used for various purposes, including email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation. By using marketing automation, businesses can save time and effort on tasks that would otherwise be manual. In addition, marketing automation can help improve marketing campaigns’ efficacy by providing detailed insights into customer behavior. As a result, marketing automation is an increasingly popular tactic many businesses employ to streamline their marketing efforts.

SEO Marketing Agencies 

Marketing your business isn’t always straightforward, sure, there are a ton of things you can learn online for free, but it can also swamp you and lead to lower productivity. That’s one reason to consider partnering with an agency.  

The world of SEO is expansive meaning there are plenty of opportunities for growth, but if you need a bit more focus or some professional mentoring advice get in touch with quality SEO Marketing Agencies to help you out. 

Not only can an SEO agency help you to avoid mistakes that can set your business back; they can help you put the pieces in place that will lead to better growth over time. Remember SEO takes time, so make a strong start. 

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