Prell – Why You Should Know Me LP @_bigprell

The city of Detroit has a storied history when it comes to music, producing some of the most successful artists of all-time. Not to be outshined by their iconic predecessors, the motor city also has a strong Hip Hop lineage that dates back to the early 90s. Detroit MCs have been able to make a lasting impact on the culture with their unique brand music that has emanated throughout the world.
Now with a new crop of artists ready to leave their mark enters; Prell. Having been enamored with music since a child, Prell’s hobby soon became his profession after releasing his breakthrough single “Feel The Rain. Known for his storytelling, Prell’s music is keen on relatability. This is showcased flawlessly on his debut project Why They Should Know Me. On it, the newcomer takes listeners on a journey through his life, as he shares his past and pain through song, all in an effort to show the world why they should know him. Check out the full 16-track album below.

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