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ValenciaP Turns Over New Leaf on Transformation 

ValenciaP remembers where she’s been. The past remains close to her heart. But more than that, she understands the power of the future. Letting go of what used to be and seeking what will be. A changing season… Metamorphosis… ValenciaP is an artist in transition. She’s become something entirely new. Fans can recognize this palpable sense of transition in ValenciaP’s butterfly logo. “I was shy,” she revealed. “I promised myself I would never be homeless again. When I started writing and producing music, I saw a caterpillar at my front door. I took that as a sign that I was becoming something different. I’d been changed into ValenciaP, the artist.”  

Her album Transformation (out April 5 and pre-orders April 1) finds a ValenciaP charting unmapped territory. Though she grew up singing in the youth choir, it wasn’t until she began writing her material that she felt called beyond comfort. “As a kid, I would make up beats with my hands,” she said. “When I got older, I started doing music on my own. Around 2007, I started doing beats on my own (on the computer) and writing. 2020 was the first time I produced music. I wanted to express my feelings about stuff that’s out there in the world.” 

ValenciaP unveiled the Transformation track “Try Me” as her introduction to the world. The serendipitous track carries magic that awaits discovery. “One day I was just mixing,” said ValenciaP. “Practicing with using some beats and loops and stuff. I heard that beat and I loved it! I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I love that! That’s fire!’ So, I went with it. Then I thought about the Ying Yang Twins. I said, ‘I should whisper in this song.’ And that made it even better.”  

Though the Transformation album itself represents ValenciaP following her dreams, other references to dreams abound. Tracks like “Adam & Eve” and “Cinderella Never-Ending Love Story” detail astral encounters with a soul-mate-to-be. “I’ve had recurring dreams about a man I’ve never met,” explained ValenciaP. That’s what ‘Adam & Eve’ is about. Being in love with someone you’ve never met.” 

As a self-taught musician and author, ValenciaP is entirely a one-woman show. Aside from music, her artistic journey also includes film production. “I’m hoping to make my movies one day and do music videos and stuff like that,” said ValenciaP. “But music is my passion. I love being creative. The trouble would get someone to work with my creativity. But I think it would help my music. And it would help me be more extroverted.”  

Besides the Transformation album release, ValenciaP will also perform via a live stream. Fans can catch her at the ITNS Radio Showcase Showdown April 16 – April 19. Tickets start at $5. 


 Stream ValenciaP’s music and follow her social media channels at the links below! 

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