Astro Davis – Prpl Rain

Astro Davis Gets Real About Who He Is In Deep, Mellow “Prpl Rain” 

(Alexandria, VA) 

“My motive for making music isn’t just to put out content. It’s also to be very sincere with my audience. I want to unite my audience and me, to make us feel like we are one. They’re on my journey with me,” says Philly-born, Virginia-raised rapper Astro Davis. Davis charts that journey on his single “Prpl Rain.”  

“This song means a lot more to me than other songs because the subject I’m talking about is real,” says Davis. “It shows me explaining who I am, what I’m doing,” he adds. The song arose when his producer put on a beat, and Davis emoted the words. “I just started singing to it. It was perfect. After that, the magic happened.” The song layers melodic singing with aggressive rap over a slow, swaying beat. “The song is chill but it has message,” says the artist.  

“Prpl Rain” takes its name from the time Davis was prescribed codeine. “Codeine is usually purple, depending on how you mix it. In the song I’m describing the numb feeling you have even when you’re going through heavy stuff,” he remembers.  

The title, of course, pays homage to Prince. “Everybody loves Prince. He changed the course of music. You’ll never hear anything bad about Prince. I was very inspired by that,” says the rapper. Prince is only one of many influences on the rapper, who enjoyed a multicultural upbringing. “I did a lot of traveling as a kid. My mom is Egyptian and Italian, and my dad’s African-American. I grew up with a lot of Italian music like Frank Sinatra. My mom loved DMX. She didn’t listen to too much rap, but when she did, it was always DMX. Then there was the hype music, the West Coast music,” he remembers.  

These international influences motivate Davis and lend a broader perspective to his work. He credits those influences and his producers with helping him find his own versatility as an artist. For the moment though, Astro Davis invites you to come get to know him in the “Prpl Rain.” 

“Prpl Rain” is available on all major streaming platforms; a video will follow.  

Davis will release an EP in the coming months.

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