Coach Sauce – Tae Pt. 1

Loss of best friend inspires artist Coach Sauce to create new album 

MANSFIELD, OH – Devall Williams, better known by his stage name Coach Sauce, is a professional rapper from Mansfield, Ohio, who has been a major player in the music industry for the past few years. He has been developing new artists under his music label HMG Muzik Group for the past two years, and recently has started his own endeavor as an artist with the release of his new album “I’m Not Sorry for the Weight.” The project is inspired by the loss of his best friend, Johnny Rob, who was the one who first encouraged him to get into music and explore his natural talent as an artist.  

“Some people say sorry for the wait, but I’m not sorry for what I’m doing,” Coach Sauce said. “I’m not sorry for the weight on my shoulders or anything I’m doing right now. I’m trying to reach out to other artists and music lovers and help people make it out and break out of the streets and the struggle and accomplish something in life. I lost Johnny Rob last year. He was my right-hand man. I’ve also lost a couple of loved ones over the past years, but he was a real deep one to me. That and the fact that a couple friends got incarcerated made me feel like it was time to make a change. Instead of having this revolving door of everyone getting locked up in the system or dying, I decided it’s time to make a change.” 

Coach Sauce said his main goal is to make music with which people can relate. He’s never going to write lyrics that don’t pull from his own personal experiences, or from some kind of experience he shared with someone else. And by sharing those experiences through song, he knows that anyone else who has gone through similar experiences will be able to relate to the everyday struggles.  

He also talks a lot about relationships and love and loyalty, the latter of which is the most important thing to him in life. Loyalty means everything to him, and he’s been known to say that he would choose loyalty over love any day of the week. That’s something that takes center stage on the standout single “Tae Pt. 1,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Coach Sauce said there will be four Tae songs, all of which are inspired by and serve as a dedication to his fiancé.  

“This music is mainly dedicated to my family,” he said. “HMG stands for unity and loyalty and family. That’s what this music is about. We’re all putting our pain in our music and using that to inspire other people. If we can do it, we know you can do it, too. I just want to be known for reality and authenticity and trying to reach people all around. I’m trying to get to the point where every time you hear my music, you get chills.” 


Fans ready to be given the chills can listen to Coach Sauce’s music, or follow him on social media, by visiting the following links: 

“Tae Pt. 1”:

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