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OG Hip-Hop influencer D$Rich$ drops diamonds of knowledge on new EP ‘It Gets Greater Later’ 

DADE CITY, FL – D$Rich$ is an artist who has faced quite a few hardships throughout his life. Like many who grew up in poverty and the difficulties of street life, he often dreamed of what life could be someday. He kept telling himself that it would get greater later. Now an adult who embodies a rags-to-riches story, he has realized that prophecy and is one of hip-hop’s best kept secrets. He’s used his natural talents as a rapper and artist to pull himself out of a hard life in New Jersey and create a body of work that makes him one of the more successful musicians of the past few decades. He now lives a comfortable life in Florida with a nice house, multiple cars, plenty of land, and a good perspective on what it takes to achieve one’s dreams. And he’s sharing those lessons with younger generations of artists on his latest EP “It Gets Greater Later.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, the new EP chronicles the life of D$Rich$ from his time as a young boy in New Jersey, to his teenage years fending for himself at age 13, to the heartbreak and tragedy of losing his own son to the streets in 2016. It tells tales of peril from various experiences on the streets, but also offers hope in unexpected ways as he weaves through moments that propelled him beyond being another sad statistic and product of his environment.  

“It’s all true facts,” he said of the project. “It’s about how life can change around you when you get focused. It’s about the life you should be living and the finances you should have and the moves you should make if you want to get ahead. And it’s a project that shows a new sound because it comes from someone from the boom-bap generation of original hip-hop, but combined with a sound that’s relevant and new and fresh for today. If your music is timeless and you have that gift, it’s gonna show. It’s getting great for me. I used to have nothing, but it gets greater late

The debut single from the project is “Built For This,” which further explores the concept of rising from the ashes and building a life for oneself. It’s an upbeat and inspirational track that almost serves as an anthem as D$Rich$ uses the metaphor of a diamond formed from extreme pressure to illustrate how even the most difficult of situations can shape and mold us into something beautiful and brilliant. 

“All the pressures I went through made me built for this,” he said. “That single is a lesson for anyone. I’m teaching them how to survive on the streets. It’s like a little mini survival kit. I got to where I am because I applied what I’m telling you in this song. I’ve been a lot of places and worked with a lot of big names in the industry. I helped create some of the sound you take for granted in hip-hop today. And I hope when all is said and done I’m remembered as one of the greatest musicians you ever heard. I came from nothing and made something. And now it’s time for me to leave these lessons and knowledge for the younger generations.” 

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