New Music: Yung Bleek – Covid 19 Mixtape

I feel like mixtapes were made by the south and east Texas. Ain’t no one was doing mixtapes like Wayne and em. So with this Quarantine Mixtape it give me them vibes. If you ain’t heard of Yung Bleek you might need to get ya head checked. This guy got covered on some sites with solo tracks but this guy and his crew got this whole mixtape of music that’s slappin.

The Quarantine Mixtape or Covid19 Mixtape got DJ Hektik holding the whole thing down and then got Lil One, Yung Bleek and TBaby putting them verses together for y’all. The beats go in too. Feeling like this be the type of music to throw on while riding. I know that is what I’m doing. What are you doing? Check it out!

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