Playa Fly – Don’t Know Me


 Living legend Playa Fly comes out of the shadows to showcase his standout style with new single ‘Don’t Know Me’ 

MEMPHIS, TN – As the South continues to enjoy unparalleled success in hip-hop, it would be a major crime not to acknowledge and recognize the shear genius of the Memphis TN Legend” of rap Playa Fly. He is the underground king personified and deserves his place on the Memphis Mt. Rushmore of iconic emcees. Yet many fans of hip-hop haven’t had the privilege of knowing his name. He’s flown under the radar, so to speak, despite being one of the most well-known artists among industry insiders.  

His latest single “Don’t Know Me” is about to change everything. Produced in conjunction with notorious Zaytoven – who has produced with Gucci Mane, among others – the song is not only an amazing example of high-class entertainment and Playa Fly’s amazing flow, but it’s also a statement piece that will let the world know just what they’ve been missing all these years. 

“A lot of people consider me to have a legendary career, but I’ve never had the major publicity that a lot of others in my peer group have had,” Playa Fly said. “Even though I have a great career, you probably don’t know me. You’re unfamiliar with who I am. So this song is kind of a shoutout to the world that I have connections in the industry and I make great music and I’ve been doing this at a high level for many years.” 

Born and raised in Memphis’ notorious South Parkway Street neighborhood, Playa Fly grew up in an environment where drug dealing, gang banging, prostitution, carjacking and murder was a daily norm. This had a lasting effect on young Playa Fly, who fell victim to the lure of fast money. As a bona-fide hustler, Playa Fly became a certified hood celebrity before he was 21, mostly due to a reputation that stretched from one end of the city to the other for being a straight-up G when it comes to getting big money or handling those who opposed him.  

But though his street savvy is what he became known for when he was young, it’s his natural talent as a rapper and musician that has stayed with him throughout his entire life. At a time when many rappers are known for not living up to or being the extra gangster that emcees claim to be on wax, Playa Fly is a rapper who only raps about real-life experiences. He’s inspired by legends like Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Rakim, and his father, the late great Bill Chill who is featured on his most popular songs such as Gettin It On,” “Crownin Me,” and “Nobody Needs Nobody.” He has taken those inspirations to create his own signature style that he hopes will connect with fans far and wide all around the world. 

“I come from an era where music mattered,” he said. “I come from a time where basslines and production mattered. I come from a time where you have to do mixing and mastering and really put the work into making something sound great. I want people to remember that’s what music really is. Production and quality matters. Saying the truth in everything you do matters. I still try to tell the truth in every single line, because I create real music. And it’s timeless. It doesn’t fade away. Now that I’m introducing new fans to that music, it’s just gonna grow and grow.” 


In addition to “Don’t Know Me,” Playa Fly is set to release another single called “I Met A Girl” later this summer, which he created in collaboration with Atlanta producer and Memphis Native Drumma Boy. To listen to Playa Fly’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:–0rdHfeO_zea0zK 

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