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According to experts, there are two main causes of injuries related to the gym and weightlifting – poor posture and overtraining. Poor posture interferes with the entire skeletal-muscular structure. Good posture has holistic benefits for the whole body. When engaging in gym training and weightlifting, good and correct posture must be ensured, which will ensure that the benefits of the training are maximized and the chances of injury are reduced. Furthermore, training without proper posture can be dangerous. It has already been shown that the way the exercise is performed determines the chances of suffering physical damage and therefore it is very important to understand how to perform weightlifting correctly before doing so. Overtraining is a common phenomenon among permanent and weightlifters, defined as an attempt to perform beyond the body’s abilities, too fast, with too much weight and too many repetitions. Overtraining does not allow the muscles enough time to recover, which over time leads to their weakening. Apart from these two, there are many other factors that encourage fitness injuries, with the type of injury depending on the nature of the workout. If you have a previous injury and use an Electric Power Wheelchair, then there is nothing to stop you from still doing a little exercise. People who use wheelchairs often find great independence, therefore you can still make routine around this. 

Injury or worsening of injury

With the occurrence of physical injury in the fitness penetrator due to heavy weight lifting, it is advisable to consult a physiotherapist to create a customized plan that will speed up recovery properly and minimize chances of recurrence in the future, as studies show that the most effective method of recovering from fitness injuries is physiotherapy. The most common fitness injuries often happen after strenuous fitness training or weightlifting. The trainee may feel pain in different places in the body, but there are certain places in the body with a greater tendency for injuries relative to other places. If there is recurring pain in these areas after training, the body signals that the trainee is doing something wrong. 

The good news is that with the help of physical therapy, this injury can be overcome relatively easily and you can then get back into a safe gym routine. With the help of a personal trainer, you can work around your injuries, to help aid recovery.  So, how can you minimize your chances of injury? First of all, it is very important that you make sure to adjust the weights you work with to your abilities in each workout. It is good and even important to challenge yourself and move forward, but it is equally important to beware of situations of overexertion. Its job is to increase the weight gradually. Do not rush with it and remember that if you overdo it with the weight – you will have to take a big step back in terms of your level of fitness and as a result, you will reach the goals you set for yourself much more slowly. It’s time to get fit, with or without injury! 

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