December 6, 2023

Post: Snapchat Marketing Tactics You Might Miss Out On

Because of the transient nature of all posts on Snapchat, it might feel like its marketing potential is relatively low compared to some of the other social media platforms out there. However, that is far from the truth. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can use the platform to ensure that you can make the best use of your content, reach more people, and achieve your marketing goals in the long term.

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Make it feel organic

Since Snapchat posts are supposed to be temporary, there is no point trying to strive too hard for perfection. The post is going to be gone tomorrow, after all. Rather, you should use that temporary nature of the platform as an advantage. It can help things feel more organic if you give your videos and photos a more “behind the scenes” look to contrast the more professional presentation that you might have on your other social media platforms. It’s a good opportunity to give your brand some more personality and to let your audience see you in a way that feels exclusive and like they’ve never had the opportunity to, before. It can help you connect with them in a more organic and longer-lasting way.

Make better use of your evergreen content

One of the key features of Snapchat, as we should all know by now, is that the content that you post is deleted after some time. However, if you have content that can be recycled and used time and time again as evergreen content, then you don’t necessarily want this to happen. You can learn how to save Snapchat videos so that they can be used time and time again. This can be particularly great for seasonal content that you might want to repeat, for instance. If a video starts performing particularly well and it’s not too specific to a current moment, then you should save it so you can snap it again.

Give it a good sense of urgency

The timed nature of Snapchat content also means it can be great for sharing content that feels like it is exclusive to you and your audience. People engage with Snapchat accounts that they follow much more rapidly than they do on other social media profiles since they know that they have a limited time to do so. As such, you can take that sense of urgency and up it with limited-time campaigns, such as contests, special discounts, or flash sales. Organizing a giveaway or a contest on Snapchat isn’t difficult, and can help you generate a massive amount of interest in a relatively short time.

Arrange for a takeover

The same sense of urgency that makes contests and giveaways so popular on Snapchat is also what makes collaborative experiences a lot more exciting, too. Collaborative posts on other social media are exciting, but it’s also a lot more prepared in advance and can feel overly promotional. Whereas, the trend of influencer takeovers on Snapchat feels a lot more natural and spontaneous. It might mean letting another influencer that you’re friends with take over your account, taking pictures of what the both of you get up to during the day. It can be a great tool to offer a behind-the-scenes look of a more formal collaboration with another creator, as well. It creates a sense of a more natural friendship rather than just a brand engagement campaign, whatever the reality is.

Have your followers pitch in

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it offers you another resource to use to help your brand reach new heights: your followers. As such, you can ask your followers to send both pictures and videos, such as pics of them with certain products you might be promoting or selling. This creates positive social proof, showing the larger social media world that your brand is worth supporting since there are already plenty of people supporting it. What’s more, it’s a lot easier to win over outsiders when you have their peers spreading your marketing message for you, rather than trying to market directly at those same people.

Snapchat can be a highly valuable marketing tool when used right. Hopefully, the tips above help you make the very best of this platform to get your brand out there. Just remember, however, that Snapchat is only one side of social media marketing. A thorough plan means making sure you’re on each platform that can take your brand to new heights.

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