Post: The Biggest Global Health Challenges In The Next Decade

If the last year has taught us anything it’s that we’re not invincible and a health crisis has the potential to bring the world to a grinding halt. Hopefully, we are on the way out of the current pandemic but that doesn’t mean that new challenges will not cause problems in the future. Being aware of the biggest hurdles we will face in the next ten years can help us all to be prepared. These are some of the biggest health challenges we must tackle in the next decade. 

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The Growing Mental Health Crisis 

There are so many physical health challenges we must deal with but it’s the mental health crisis that is most pressing right now. The number of people being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is increasing and it is affecting people at a much younger age too. Unless we are able to tackle mental health issues, especially in young people, this crisis will only continue to grow. Although mental health awareness is increasing, there is still a long way to go and lack of resources in many areas is making treatment difficult. In the next decade, it is important that we put more focus on protecting mental health. 

Providing Healthcare To Vulnerable Nations 

Although healthcare in most developed countries is improving, there are many vulnerable nations that do not have access to adequate care. Countries that are involved in conflict, for example, do not have the infrastructure to care for people. There is also a big problem with infectious diseases in poorer countries where the resources to contain them are not available. The Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases and healthcare problems in poorer countries is one of the biggest challenges in global healthcare right now. Unless more is done to make healthcare accessible to all, the gap between rich and poor nations will only increase. 

Making Healthy Eating Easier 

It’s no secret that a good diet is key to preventing diseases in later life. However, maintaining a good diet is hard because there is a lot of conflicting information about what we should be eating. Unhealthy processed foods are readily available and many people don’t have the knowledge or skills to prepare healthy food. This problem is much worse in vulnerable nations where there are fewer choices. Educating as many people as possible about healthy eating and making sure that people around the globe have access to healthy food is crucial if we want to tackle serious health problems like obesity. 

Preparing For Pandemics

The COVID pandemic took the world by surprise and many countries were unprepared. Although we quickly adapted and measures were put in place to slow the transmission of the virus, the effects were still devastating. In the future, there is always the chance of new pandemics happening, so one of the major challenges we face right now is how we prepare for them. 

These are the biggest global health challenges we face right now. In order to improve the lives of people around the world, they must be tackled head on. 

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