Ivoree Xavier – Wish You Well

Ivoree Xavier parlays success with NBC’s ‘The Voice’ into successful career, launches hot new single ‘Wish you Well’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Many people can relate to the experience of just being over someone they used to be infatuated with. All of that passion and desire somehow goes away – oftentimes fading slowly over time, but in rare occasions flashing away in an instant. But there’s always a moment of clarity when you realize you’re over them, and in some cases you’re so over them that you don’t even want to wish them well. 

That’s the sentiment captured perfectly on the new single from West Coast artist Ivoree Xavier. His new hit “Wish You Well” is an upbeat Pop groove with a little bit of aggression in it. Paired with a stellar music video shot at the Museum of Dream Space in LA and Tiger Lab Studios in Van Nuys, the song and its visuals evoke a vibrant display of emotions. The video is so over-saturated with color, in fact, that already its getting buzz for its audaciousness, and compared to big hits like Rihana and Calvin Harris’ “This is what you Came for.”  

“The exhibit at the museum is one of those art exhibits with different rooms and different installations,” Ivoree said. “The video is me interacting with those installations and dancing around, almost like you’re taking the journey with me through this relationship that ends with you finally realizing how over them you are. You’re so over them that you don’t want to wish them any type of well. You’re just over them – like, ‘F*ck you bitch! This is stupid!’” 

“Wish You Well” is just the latest hit from this young star who has already made a major splash on the national stage after auditioning for NBC’s “The Voice” on two separate occasions. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Ivoree began singing at a young age and fondly remembers the times when he and his family would ride around in the car singing together. He has developed his voice into a powerhouse, mastering the full vocal range – from falsetto to bass – and enabling him to mold any genre to his own unique sound and style. Inspired primarily by Pop, R&B, Soul and Rock, Ivoree brings a fresh perspective through his music. His debut project – formerly under the stage name Beedabee – has amassed more than 1 million streams and has landed him a feature on the Reuter’s sign in Times Square. As his journey in music continues, he’s ready to take things to the next level. 

“Without music, I know I wouldn’t be here today,” he said. “If not for certain songs or artists, I would have ended up in a different place. I want to be that voice for others who are going through certain situations, and I hope they can turn on one of my songs and realize it’s all gonna be OK.” 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTlVDXwws0M]

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